The Right Way to Cancel Your Spectrum Services

Want to cancel your Spectrum services would like to have this done ASAP without negotiation and cross-questioning? It may not be that easy unless you are prepared with a solid reason to let the provider go. You can’t simply say I don’t want Spectrum anymore.

So how do you cancel Spectrum’s services? Here’s is a complete guide on how to do that:

Step 1: Prepare a Solid Excuse

Everything begins with preparation.

You can’t really get them to do anything without a fail-safe excuse. If you say you are moving, the representative will ask you “to what address” because moving your services is so simple. They will check to see if the new location you are moving to falls under their map. Basically, they will do anything to keep you from canceling.

At times, if they are not satisfied with your excuse, you will receive a call back later in a week or maybe a month. They will get you back!! To stay out of this tussle, you must come up with a solid excuse.

Step 2: Call the Retention Department

Now it’s time to call Spectrum’s customer service. Just like there’s a separate department for Spectrum net billing, there is a separate department for retention. They handle downgrades and cancelations.

Once you get in touch with a representative, let them know you want to cancel your services. Provide them with the phone number associated with your account and account number. You will hear all options for downgrading and canceling your services.

If you end up pressing the number to the wrong department, this will just prolong the call. So, simply hang up and try again.

Step 3: Be Firm and Friendly

Even if you have the best excuse, sometimes, the agent has to stick to the company policy and talk you into staying. This can be annoying and cause some people to flare up. hey, calm down. It’s not their fault. They are just doing their job. Be firm and tell them you want to cancel. Try not to lose your professionalism.

You should remain friendly with the representative because you would want them to assist you till the end and make this easy. For that, you will have to listen to their attempts and sly tactics. Just stand your ground in the friendliest way possible.

Step 4: Confirm the Cancellation

After 30+ minutes of prolonged chat, it’s your duty to ensure that your service has been canceled just like you asked. Don’t just rely on the words of the agent. Otherwise, you will end up paying the bill for the next month and you will have to repeat the above steps all over again.

While you’re still on call with the agent, do confirm that your account is canceled. Also, ask if you need to return equipment. Ideally, drop it at one of the stores. Don’t forget to get a receipt after the return. You can also FedEx to their address.

Step 5: Look Out for Unexpected Charges After the Termination of Services

You’re not done just yet. One last thing to do is confirm that you are not being charged an unexpected fee. Be sure to log into your account to neck your balance. It should be zero the month after the cancellation.

Quick Prep Guide Before Calling

To make things quick, it’s best to prepare a list of things before dialing the customer service number otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time. So, here is a list of things you will need:

  • Your social security number because they might verify your identity
  • Your Spectrum account number (Refer to your bill in case you don’t know your account #)
  • The phone number associated with your account
  • A pen and a notepad in case you have to write something down

Some Things You Need to Be Aware Of

  • No online cancelation: You can’t cancel your services online. It can be either done by calling in or in person.
  • Equipment returns: Returning the equipment is the customer’s responsibility. If you fail to return, the company can charge you a fee of up to $200. It’s on you if the equipment is lost in the mail. Therefore, always return in person and get a receipt as proof.
  • Know when to cancel: it’s important to cancel before your next billing cycle. Don’t cancel on the day your monthly bill is due otherwise you will have to pay for an extra month’s service.

Congratulations! You Are Free

Followed all the steps diligently? Congratulations you have now officially freed yourself. The good thing is Spectrum doesn’t tie you with a contract. It’s a month-to-month service so even if you’re leaving after a few months or a year(s) of signing up, no early termination charges apply. That’s a relief!

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