Timber Window Replacements

Timber Window Replacements: A Good Alternative To Timber Windows Today


Timber windows have been used since man became civilized and lived in structures called homes. It has always held a special place in the minds and hearts of many people since times immemorial. But today, timber window replacements are gradually coming in. But why should we replace our timber windows? There has to be some valid cause.

The modern uPVC installations would not look as good as the timber windows still found in many houses today. If you think deeply, timber windows have a special aesthetic feel and charm instead of any other newer replacements on the market. It helps retain that period look and old-world charm that has a special place in the hearts of many.

The Convenience Of Timber Windows

Just as it is impossible to think of a home with no timber windows, it is also unbelievable that we will overlook the benefits of timber windows. Before you can go for timber window replacements, let us look at their benefits.

Thermal efficiency-wise – Since timber has low thermal conductivity, it would be an efficient and good choice for your windows. It has good insulation properties that stand you in good stead in such circumstances. It would help keep your electricity bills low while keeping your house warm.

Aesthetics – This part has already been discussed earlier. They would like to repair it before doing away with it. Nothing looks as good as timber windows, so timber window replacement might not be the first choice for many.

Eco-friendly – What can be a more eco-friendly choice than timber windows? They will help you to reduce carbon from the atmosphere. This is simply because of the material that it is derived from. It comes directly from nature.

Durability – It can be said that timber is a well-weathered material that can withstand any elements of nature from perishing.

Why Is It Necessary To Replace Timber Windows?

While there are several benefits of a timber window, you must know about the downsides of the same. Sometimes people think of timber window replacements because timber tends to enlarge and warp. Opening and closing such windows do take some effort on the owner’s part. It is then they start to think of replacements.

The Alternative To Timber Windows

If you are planning timber window replacements, you must know about the alternatives. There are materials that look just like original timber. They are made of materials that look like timber, are durable, and will last you a lifetime. You will not even feel that your real home is without the timber windows you have been so used to since childhood.

Benefits Of Timber Window Replacements

Timber window replacements are beneficial because they will not rot, unlike timber. The other maintenance costs are low. After all, they require no painting or scrubbing because they do not hold onto stains. They are low on maintenance because they require no sanding at regular intervals. And the best thing about them is that they are also energy efficient.

Factors To Consider Before Going For Timber Replacement Windows

You must consider certain things while opting for timber window replacements. They are:

  • The timber casement windows – Their look and style and whether it suits your purpose
  • Sash window variations – Check out for the direct replacement sash window styles that are in vogue
  • Timber Window options – Look out for UPVC and softwood windows variations.


When you look for timber window replacements, you can look at various alternatives like windout windows, sliding timber, casement timber, double-hung timber, fixed, bi-fold and café style timber windows as your replacement. They will work just as fine as your timber windows.


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