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6 Time Tracking Software & Productivity Apps in 2022

Time tracking apps are essential tools for time management. They can help you, and your team be more efficient, organized, and get more done.

A time tracking app can help you, and your company save time and money.

1. UBS PMS (Time Tracking Software)

UBS Time tracking software is a way to keep up with the organization’s record of the working hours and hours employees spend on different tasks at work. It helps you to make sure that your employees are compensated accurately. UBS PMS is designed to help you with all the aspects of handling a task, creating a project, and planning it, and then ultimately track the time invested into its completion. Here, you can make sure, the task is running on time. Add assign tasks, add a due date, set priority, designate tags, and mention followers. UBS PMS gives you the ultimate time tracker to keep your resources on point, working on the pre-planned tasks of your project.

Special features

  • Accurate reports for entry, tasks, and project
  • Easy to know the project’s progress
  • Help you to analyse the budget and find discrepancies

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor combines time tracking, project management and monitoring employees. This is a powerful tool for employee monitoring, providing detailed information about your employees.

Time Doctor keeps track of which web pages and apps employees use. Managers can also take desktop screenshots to see exactly what their employees are doing at any given moment. This helps to minimize the chance of them slacking.

Time Doctor also allows you to track time and pay employees via PayPal, Payoneer or TransferWise. The payment is calculated automatically based on the number of hours an employee worked.

 Special features

  • The software allows you to create payrolls and send your employees their paychecks.
  • Auto photos
  • Clients can access your Time Doctor account.
  • Chat monitoring

3. Toggl

Toggl, a timer-based system for time tracking, is very easy. First, create a project. Next, create a task in the project. Finally, start the timer. Are you done with the task? You can click Stop and switch between tasks.

After the project is completed, create and send an invoice to your client. You can also share your project time report in Excel or CSV with the client to understand what they are paying.

Toggl makes it easy to create projects, assign responsibilities, and set budgets and timelines. You can see immediately which projects are behind schedule or over budget and then plan your time accordingly.

They also recently released a new Toggl Android App that you can pair with your existing Toggl account to make it easier to track time and boost productivity.


Special features

  • Estimate the project timelines and budgets.
  • Convenient browser extensions: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • A separate Toggl Android app.

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff offers similar features to Time Doctor. It also has employee monitoring, project management, and time tracking capabilities. Hubstaff allows you to track your time and employees from anywhere. Hubstaff is a time-tracking app that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. This allows you to track your employees no matter where they are, whether they’re at work or on the road.

Hubstaff tracks time and location using a GPS Tracker. Companies with frequent travellers are most likely to use the GPS tracking feature. Sales and delivery personnel. Managers can track where their employees are right now, what time they spend driving, and how long they spend at the job site.


Special features

  • Tracking employee GPS.
  • Auto photos
  • The software allows you to create payrolls and send your employees their paychecks.
  • Templates for timesheets

5. Tick

Tick is the right software for you if you have a large project. It is a project-based time tracking app that tracks time relative to your project budget and timeline.

The app will update the amount of time you have left to complete a task or project with every entry in Tick’s timesheet. You will be notified if your time is running out or if you are about to exceed your budget. Tick allows you to reuse the same budget or timeline for recurring tasks.

You can also integrate Tick with accounting software, QuickBooks, to create invoices and run payroll.


Special features

  • You can track time relative to your project budget and timeline.
  • Designate team members who can contribute their time to the projects.
  • You can set up recurring projects that will auto-reset each month.
  • Compatible with Apple Watch

6. RescueTime

RescueTime tracks your time on specific URLs, apps, and apps. It also shows how productive you were during the day.

RescueTime automatically calculates your productivity based on pre-grouped categories and built-in productivity scores. Facebook, for example, will automatically be considered distractive, while Microsoft Word will be considered productive. Those who don’t agree with RescueTime’s categorizations of URLs, apps, and apps can still manually modify the categories to suit their needs.

RescueTime also allows you to set task goals and track your progress. You can, for example, create a list of tasks and a timeline. This will help you stay on track and be more efficient.


Special features

  • Set daily tasks goals
  • Get daily productivity and efficiency analyses.
  • Block access to distracting websites
  • Weekly email summary.

 Benefits of Time tracking Software


Are you still unsure how to integrate a time tracking application into your work or team’s daily routine? You may still be unsure about the right decision. Here are some important benefits time tracking software can offer.


Don’t waste time filling out timesheets by hand


It is common to keep track of employees’ work hours. With the rise in the popularity of remote work, it has become a fundamental need for companies.

A time tracking app makes it easy to track employee hours. Don’t waste time filling out timesheets that are not always accurate. Apps that offer fully automated work monitoring let you and your team focus on your works most important.

DeskTime is an app that makes it easy to manage your time. It starts and stops depending on how you interact with the computer. It’s easier than ever to keep track of your work hours. It also has a private-time option to allow you to use the computer only for personal reasons. The computer activity tracking is off when the Private time option is enabled. This gives you the digital space that you require.


Improve team management


A time tracking app is not only useful for keeping track of your work hours but can also be used to help you manage your team.

Trackig the time spent on specific projects, for example, makes it easier to bill and gives clients accountability. The built-in invoicing features can help save time and make it easier to manage employee work hours. Features such as shift scheduling and absence calendars are great.

Data on work hours gives you an accurate picture of how long it takes to complete a task. This helps you set realistic deadlines and saves your team from working over. Employee time tracking software provides insight into where time is spent by your employees, which helps you manage your resources more effectively.


Productivity tracking for yourself and your team


It can be difficult to maintain high productivity. Even the most efficient people can face obstacles in their work performance. A time-tracking app with a productivity tracking feature can add an extra layer of accountability to everyone involved and increase efficiency.

Software that tracks time and records productivity levels can give you valuable insight into your work habits. You don’t have to rely on gut feelings when organizing your team’s tasks. Instead, data-based decisions can be made that will benefit all team members.

Are productivity tracking reports showing a collective efficiency “slump” after lunch? You can schedule team meetings and other activities that don’t require “deep work” then.

Employee productivity is enhanced by frequent breaks and frequent departures from the office. Time tracking can identify potential “overworkers” before they become too serious. Everyone should work smarter than harder.

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