Natal Chart in Astrology

Importance of Natal Chart in Astrology

Why do we need a Birth Chart?


People in the second category can simply disregard this interpretation. But, for the first category, it is critical to understand what is in the birth chart/horoscope and why we need one. Another aspect to consider is that if you believe that birth chart is an orthodox term derived from astrology, then learning what a birth chart is and why we need one is a waste of time. However, it is an essential aspect of human life, and we must respect it. If you need any help reading your birth chart, you can contact astrologers in Delhi.


Birth Chart


In a nutshell, your birth chart depicts the position of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth. It is a picture or map of the planets’ or stars’ positions at the time of your birth. Each planet has a unique impact on a different element of our lives. In essence, this means that we all have personality traits from numerous zodiac signs in our horoscopes, and these traits correspond to different aspects of our lives. Venus, for example, regulates relationships, so if your Venus is in Scorpio, it implies you embody those characteristics in your relationships – i.e., passionate, intense, loyal, and sexual.


A birth chart shows where each planet was when you were born, and each planet governs a distinct part of your life. When you read your horoscope, you refer to your sun sign, which essentially represents who you are at your heart. On the other hand, your moon sign is significant since it relates to your emotional self and the type of nurture you had as a child. It relates to your interpersonal needs as well as what you require in adulthood. Your rising sign is determined by the constellation that was visible in the sky at the time of your birth. It describes how people perceive you when they meet you for the first time – basically, what characteristics you display to the outer world.


Consider the following scenario: Your birth chart uses the formula “planet + sign + house,” which helps you comprehend your patterns when added together. Now that you have laid the astrological framework, it is time to add some color. You can now use everything you have learned about the 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, and planets in your life. Examine each house in your horoscope to discover if it contains an astrological symbol. If this is the case, compare your chart to the key to see where each planet is located and in what sign. Start with your Rising, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars placements to discover the fundamental components of your personality. These energies are the starting point for figuring out your life path, emotional requirements, what gets you going, and how you love. Nothing is more crucial than knowing oneself!


Importance of Birth Chart


Reading your birth chart can reveal areas in your life where you need to improve and help you understand why you act the way you do in all areas of your life. It shows all of our patterns of conduct, both good and bad. It allows us to emphasize the positive aspects while highlighting the bad ones. You can stop them in their tracks once you understand why they happen.


Because the planets are constantly moving, they appear in different positions at different times of the year. This implies that, in some cases, a planetary retrograde or transit into a particular sign might have an impact on your life that you may not be aware of unless you have a birth chart that shows the sign and house each planet is in. You would be able to see each person’s relationship patterns and evaluate if they have similar needs for relationship compatibility. The moon, Venus, and Mars signs are the most important here. In reality, incompatible sun signs may have Venus signs that are pretty similar, which is more significant.



Birth chart or natal chart are very important to consider while taking any key decision of life like birth name, career to choose, decisions regarding marriage or relationship compatibility. It can work as a remedy to your various problems that one face in their daily life. So I will suggest, contact the best astrologer in Delhi if you want to know more about your birth chart and its role.


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