Smoke Detectors – Everything You Should Know In Brief

Fire is a highly potential threat to people in residential and commercial sectors. To keep a place safe from fire, people used fire extinguishers. They work only when fire breaks out in a home or commercial setup and causes losses to people and property. With time, we have gone through several technical advancements. And at present, we have advanced smoke detectors with a fire & smoke detection camera. Keep reading the post to know about modern smoke detectors.

What is a smoke detector?

A smoke detection system is an electronic device for fire protection. It automatically detects the presence of smoke, a key indicator of fire, and alerts the occupants of a building.

In the commercial sector, there is a central fire alarm system to make people aware as it notices the presence of smoke due to any reasons. In big residential complexes, household smoke detectors issue a visual or audible alarm from itself. They could be single units or several interlinked units powered by battery-backup.

Types of smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are basically of two types – ionisation (physical process) and photoelectric (optical). Some people or businesses opt for a combination of these two types – dual sensor smoke alarm – for better protection from fire.

  • Ionisation smoke detectors – Ionisation smoke detectors or alarms are very sensitive to small smoke particles. They usually respond 30 to 90 seconds faster in comparison with optical smoke alarms. These fire alarm systems might be easier to set off if you install them in the close proximity of your garage or kitchen. These alarms have radioactive material in a small amount between their two electrically charged plates. There is a disruption in ion flow as smoke enters the chamber. This reduction in the ion flow activates the alarm and makes people warn of catching fire.
  • Photoelectric smoke detectors – These alarm systems sense the sudden scattering of light as smoke enters in the detector chamber and trigger the alarm. They take 15 to 50 seconds to respond to smoke and send alert messages to a building occupants before smoke turns into flame.

Why are smoke detectors important?

As per a report, residential and commercial fires take the lives of more than 2000 people in the USA. In a fire, smoke and associated gas spread faster in comparison with the heat. People die of inhaling smoke and deadly toxic gases, but not from burns. The loss of people’s lives and property takes place as the occupants are not aware of fire when it breaks out. A smoke detector works as a guard around the clock and sounds an alarm when it senses smoke. Being aware of fire helps people come out and do whatever they can do to save the lives of others and control the fire as soon as possible. The system itself sends a message to the respective authority and persons.

Where should you install a smoke detector?

You can install it in your bedroom, a place close to your kitchen, and in the garage in your home. For employee safety, you can install it in the pantry, canteen, or dining area in your workplace. When it comes to its installation and maintenance, you should follow its manufacturer’s instructions. Your vendor will guide and support you to install it at the right place in your or commercial setup.


Smoke detectors with sophisticated features are a useful device to safeguard your home or commercial setup. Before getting one, you should have a sound idea about its type, features, importance, etc. You will feel safe after its installation and taking care of its maintenance regularly.

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