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Top 6 Best Mobile Phone Review Websites

Every year, we get to see a lot of new smartphone models launched by Apple and Android companies, like Samsung. While getting new models every year is exciting, it can be overwhelming when you have to purchase a new phone. With a variety of models available online and in the market, choosing the one that is best for you can be challenging. In order to avoid confusion and get the best possible gadget, mobile phone review websites play an essential role. Nowadays, a lot of review websites and YouTube channels are actively producing productive reviews about old and new mobile phones. With the help of these platforms, you can learn a lot about any phone and its features before purchasing it. So, these websites provide trustworthy information to help you make a well-informed decision.

However, there are a lot of websites online that put out information, but not every site is reliable. In this article, we have shared some of the top websites that have been trusted by users for years.

Tom’s Guide

The first on our list is Tom’s Guide. Putting consumer goals and desires over everything else, this brand is genuinely focused on upgrading its readers’ lives. This fantastic website has a reach of more than 20 million global users. Their primary focus is on helping their readers make an informed decision about purchasing the latest tech. They have kept their tone friendly and conversational, so you will feel like you’re talking to a friend while reading their reviews. Their team ensures proper testing and researching of each product before putting out a detailed review. Besides testing the gadget, they also test the customer support by calling them to resolve various mobile problems. It means if you want to purchase an iPhone 12 Pro Max unlocked and look at their review, you won’t only find the details of its specifications. In addition to its features, you will also find out about their tech support as well as cost comparisons and related stuff.

Tech Radar UK

The next one on this list is Tech Radar UK. This fantastic website is a go-to for a lot of users all around the globe who want specific information about various gadgets. You can find in-depth reviews and opinions about a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets, on this website. They have a straight-talking tone that delivers crucial information about a gadget in no time. Besides offering reviews and opinions, this site also has a news section that brings the latest news about recent releases. This website attracts a younger crowd who loves investing in the latest and greatest gadgets.


Helping its readers live a better life, T3 helps them find out the best tech gadgets that elevate their daily lives. They have recently relaunched and came back with a bang, offering a modern insight into tech gadgets with an advanced website. Moreover, their website also features lesser ads compared to their competitors. Besides these features, this website has an easily navigable interface on mobile.

One of the best things about T3 is that its team filters the most well-performing gadgets and then delivers a comprehensive assessment to the users. Besides their website, they also have a print version, giving them an editorial edge over other websites of similar nature.

Tech Advisor UK

Resembling the name of another website on this list is an entirely independent entity named Tech Advisor UK. They claim to have one of the most varied audiences on their list, including brand mega fans as well as business IT buyers. Their followers have formed a vast active community with nearly 50 thousand registered members. Besides, they have one of the most active forums for discussions having more than 105942 discussion threads. The best thing about Tech Advisor is its strong connections with manufacturers. Due to this, they can divulge some of the most insider insights about a product before any of their competitors.


Want to buy an used iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked? Trust CNet’s reviews. Although this website is not confined to tech gadgets, it is one of the most trustworthy online forums for tech knowledge. Besides tech, they also share helpful information about culture and lifestyle. Their hands-on reviews, buying guides, and opinion articles are filled with helpful information about new and old gadgets. You can trust them with closed eyes. They not only deliver information about why you should purchase a particular mobile phone but also how you can trade in an old iPhone. You can also find product comparisons and budget guides on their website.

Trusted Reviews

Last but not least on our list is Trusted Reviews. This website has the word trust in it, and that’s what they deliver. They have reviewed nearly every gadget known to humankind, and users trust them. You can find reviews of various products for different categories, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, TVs, and a lot more. Besides, they also have annual awards featuring more than 100 different products. In addition to these awards, they also feature one product as a product of the year. Unlike their competitors, you can also find reviews of less-popular gadgets on their website.

The Bottom Line

All these review websites offer authentic and trustworthy reviews of a number of tech gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, cameras, and various other members of the gadgetry industry. You can trust their reviews because they have dedicated teams testing and researching each and every gadget before delivering its comprehensive assessment. They review all the specifications of each gadget, compare it with its equivalents, and give genuine recommendations. Ultimately, the decision is yours for purchasing a device or not, but if you read their reviews, you can make a well-informed decision. Moreover, reading these reviews can help you learn a lot more about each gadget than you already know. So, make sure you give these websites a try before investing in any tech gadget to get maximum benefits.


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