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Top 7 Smartphone Projectors You Should Buy

Projectors are generally used to be bulky gadgets and delicate bulbs specially designed for meetings and business presentations. However, the advancement of technology has seen projectors become very small and compact but fully packed with fascinating features. With the increasing popularity of smartphone projectors, many online stores also offer coupons for smartphone projectors that will help you buy the best quality smartphone projector at a very low price.


YABER Y60 Compact Projector:

This smartphone projector is described as mini, but this is not the case regarding the size of images it projects. More precisely, YABER Y60 Portable Projector boasts a display size of up to 200″. The image quality from this smartphone projector is also good enough. Furthermore, this smartphone projector can provide incredible image quality because of its great native resolution of 1080 x 720p and an amazing contrast ratio of 5000:1.

HOMPOW Mini Projector:

This smartphone projector lets you directly connect your smartphone with an MHL cable. However, you can connect either your iPhone or Android smartphone and share photos and videos. HOMPOW Mini Projector is compatible with various devices like Notebooks, Wii, PS4, USB, DVD, Desktop Computers, TV Sticks, and nearly every multimedia device.

This smartphone projector supports 1920 x 1080p high resolution, providing an amazing feeling comparable to a movie theater. The lifetime of this smartphone projector lamp is 50,000 hours which means you can enjoy a home theater for almost 30 years without replacing the light bulb. HOMPOW Mini Projector is a very decent smartphone projector for indoor use. It has a built-in speaker that provides good quality sound, and the image is crisp and colorful, which is perfect for watching movies and playing games.

DBPOWER 120 ANSI Compact LCD Projector:

It is one of the best smartphone projectors that provide 60% brighter image quality than most other 2400 lumen LED projectors. It is the go-to projector for home cinema, watching photos, and playing video games. The contrast ratio of DBPOWER 120 ANSI Portable LCD Projector is 3000:1 and supports 720 x 1080p resolutions. Moreover, this smartphone projector boasts aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9 that have a 30″ to 176″ display size at a 1.1m o 1.5m projection distance.

AuKing Mini Compact Video-Projector:

This smartphone projector is equipped with a decent contrast ratio of 2000:1. It supports a 1080p high resolution which brings 35% brighter images than other similar smartphone projectors available on the market. AuKing Mini Portable Video-Projector provides a premium home cinema experience with a bigger screen and a clearer image. Moreover, it has built-in speakers that provide excellent loud sound quality. You can also connect external speakers to get your higher quality sound needs. Thanks to advanced fan cooling technology, this model of smartphone projector are lower in noise and more durable than prior models of Asking. The powerful cooling system cools the lamp’s heat efficiently, which will help extend the lamp’s life to 55,000 hours. It means you can use it for over 15 years.

Vanko 2400 Lux LED Portable Projector:

This smartphone projector provides you 1920 x 1080p resolution and has a contrast ratio of 2000:1, making it one of the top choices for home entertainment. Many online stores offer coupon codes and great deals for smartphone projectors.  They are connected to your smartphone and other devices with cables, so you don’t require an HDMI adapter or WiFi. Like other modern projectors, smartphone projectors are also sleek and compact enough to carry and use anywhere.

DBPOWER 2400Lux Mini Projector:

The lamp life of DBPOWER 2400Lux Mini Projector is up to 50,000 hours, which means you can use it for several years. It is built with convenience in mind; therefore, you can directly connect it to a smartphone, tablet, or iPod with the help of a cable. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful double copper tube cooling system which helps to reduce noise and also provides great heat dissipation. You can use coupons for smartphone projectors to get this smartphone projector and earn a valuable discount. The projection size of this smartphone projector is 32″ to 176″ at a projection distance of 1.5m to 5m.

T TOPVISION Mini Projector:

This smartphone projector didn’t require an HDMI adapter or a WiFi environment to connect with a smartphone or laptop. You need a USB cable to connect T TOPVISION Mini Projector. This smartphone projector is compatible with Android, iPhone, TV sticks, PS3, PS4, and audio and video equipment. 1080p full HD resolution provides you with clear color and image processing. It has 3W HiFi stereo speakers that allow you to experience superior sound quality.


These are our top 7 picks for the best smartphone projectors. There are also coupons for smartphone projectors available for buying these smartphone projectors, and you will save some valuable bucks. Ideally, the technology becomes more advanced, and now you can connect your projector to the smartphone. It means you now become able to watch anywhere at any time.



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