Gokarna BEACH TREK: The combination of Mountains and Sea


When somebody says trek, nine out of ten times a mountain pops up within the mind with a pleasant snow-clad peak in the background and setting sun to finish the landscape. Gokarna Beach Trek beats this creative thinking of mind to supply one thing that is way additional wonderful and awe-inspiring than a daily mountain trek.


Does the word ‘trekking’ flash pictures of tall mountains and difficult uphill climbs in your mind? Well, what if we tend to told you that there is a trek which does not demand a onerous uphill climb? indeed, it’s extremely a hike on the ocean and not into the mountains! curious what we tend to square measure talking about? We’re talking about a couple of beach treks. Yes, you browse it right, a beach trek in Gokarna!

Why it is better than regular trekking?

If regular trekking is simply too main-stream for you and you wish to expertise the joys of trekking with a distinction, then you ought to add the Gokarna beach trek to your bucket list of travel. Gokarna could be a tiny temple city in the state that is in style for the Mahabaleswar Shiva temple placed within the main Gokarna city. The beach trek starts type here.


Situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea in North state, the temple city of Gokarna could be a noted Hindu journey place. Given its pristine and secluded beaches and peaceful atmosphere, several Westerners and European travellers have settled in Gokarna over the last few decades. whereas it still continues to be a vital journey center, Gokarna is slowly catching au fait the crusader culture and party vibes of the province.


Golden Route

Gokarna has many beaches and therefore the trek route is popularly called the “Golden Route “. The path can entail walking on the beach sands by the facet of the rocky hills on one facet and much stretching the Arabian Sea on the opposite facet. The route can taste many beaches beginning with Kudle beach, then on to the additional in style Om beach that is within the form of OM and sees travellers outlay longer hours. You then loco mote to additional rocky hills path and reach Moon formed beach or crescent beach. The beach hopping path ends with Paradise beach. The walk up to the paradise beach is comparatively troublesome because the route is filled with rocky hillocks.

Distance from Bangalore

Gokarna placed 520 km from Bangalore, a hundred and seventy kms from Panjim, is a perfect place to pay your weekend’s trekking on the beach and pampering in bouldering on the shores of the good Arabian Sea. The place is all the additional seductive because it offers you the simplest of each of the worlds – trekking on the coastal lines around virgin rough slopes. The trek is gorgeous however difficult because of the precipitous climate at the shore.


So, whereas most travellers visit Gokarna to party or relax and unwind, another way-out thanks to explore the serene beaches of Gokarna is by trekking on its beach line. The path additionally referred to as the ‘Golden Trail’ involves walking on the sandy shores between the hills and the expansive Arabian Sea, biological process through several beaches. it’s a moderate eight-kilometer trek, typically cover two days with associate degree long habitation by the beach.


How to reach:

Gokarna is concerning 238 kilometers from Mangalore and 483 kilometers from Bengaluru. it’s between the Gangavali and Agnashini rivers on the Karwar coast by the Arabian Sea.


Their square measure buses for Gokarna however I’d advise to require a drive to the current lovely town because the roads to the current place square measure is pretty scenic.


You can realize a keep in Gokarna ranging from two,000 per night. The stays square measure totally on the beach and supply nice views at some point of the day.


Things to carry:

On the beach trek, you’ll be able to go along with sandals. though it is a long trek however generally you would possibly desire going a touch within the water. At those times, you will need to possess sandals rather than shoes.


Water bottles. though their square measure enough shacks from wherever you’ll be able to purchase water bottles, however, it’s still well to hold your own.


Power bank and spare camera batteries.

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