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Tadiandamol Trek Must visit destination



Kodagu that’s often referred to as the Scotland of India has merely 5 lakh residents known for his or her culture and history. Coorg could be a place covered with green throughout the year.

Apart from unique attire, delicious food, amazing coffee, it’s also known for picturesque slopes, undulated landscapes, and ancient villages. These factors attract an oversized number of tourists per annum. Coorg may be a destination meant for all nature lovers and also as an adventurer. Trekking is a well-liked activity here. Tadiandamol is one such mountain that a beginner can trek by themselves, and here’s the way to go.


Tadiandamol is the highest mountain in Coorg at an elevation of 5,735 feet. It’s the third-highest mountain in Karnataka. The trek begins from Nalknad Palace in Kakkabe, that’s 45km from Madikeri. within the vehicle, you’ll be able to go up the road till the last homestay till you see a beginning of a concrete road that gently narrows into the wild.

You will experience Multiple stream crossing , leech bites and a mesmerizing view



Tadiandamol Trekking information:

Tadiandmol is a moderate level trek with a Trek distance of just about 6 Km on one side. Which means this trek is often easily covered during a single day if trekking is started early in the morning. Time to trek to the height takes around 2-3 hours on the common. Most of the trail is wide and there’s no chance to induce loss.


The Trek:

Tadiandamol trek starts at one of the various small waterfalls near Nalknad Palace. you should park your vehicle here and move on foot.

Keep walking till the height begins, once you bump into the concrete stretch of a climb. you’ll tolerate multiple streams on your farm, if you’re trekking in monsoon use caution where you step as you may be getting trekked up yourself by leeches. it’s always handy to hold salt with you, some drop of salt on them and that they will immediately un-cling themselves.

The walk is gradual and not difficult, this can provide you with lots of break times, pictures and you’ll maintain your pace further. After you find an enormous boulder in the center of the trail, you’re on the correct track and have covered half the space. This is often the spot available to camp overnight. After the summit, you’ll camp here and head back at sunrise.


Tadiandmol camping information:

It is not advisable to camp at that height, because the peak really gets windy and also there’s no water source at the highest. As depicted within the picture above, pitch your tent near the large rock. An enormous rock comes almost half an hour before the Tadiandamol peak. there’s also a water source over there.

Things to remember :

– remember of elephants

– it’d be very windy and rainy at the height in monsoon

– there’s no need for guidance because the trail is self-evident

– Please go together with someone who has already been there


Getting there:

The nearest airport and train depot, Mysore, could be a 100 kms from Kodagu.  One may also take an overnight bus from Bangalore to Coorg. It’ll take about 7 hours during this journey . you’ll also drive down in your private vehicle from Bangalore via Mysore. No matter the shape of transportation you select, the journey will satisfy your travel buds.



From Virajpet you’ll be able to take the local bus to Kakkabe which is the base point. (Ask the conductor to drop you off at the doorway to Nalknad palace). Alternatively you’ll also hire a Jeep from Virajpet to select up and drop which could be a bit more expensive(INR 1000 a way for a Jeep). The local buses in Coorg have a selected schedule, get the to and fro bus list at Virajpet before you permit.



Permission isn’t required to trek Tadiandamol.

Where to stay:

Thanks to the rise in the number of trekkers, there are many more options near Nalknad palace area. As a final resort you’ll always come to Virajpet which has many budget friendly hotels and motels.


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